VOIP – Voice over Internet Protocol – or Voice over the internet

CTC can assist in VOIP installations. We currently run a hybrid VOIP system in our office using MyNetPhone as the SIP carrier.
We are a reseller of MyNetFone and can assist in the right solution for your needs. This can save a lot of money on Calls and line rentals.

  1. Full VOIP PABX. Physical systems, either PC based or PABX based.
  2. Virtual PABX. Systems where you only need VOIP handsets and connect to the clouds virtual PABX. This means no large upfront cost for a physical PABX system and extremely Portable. Issues with FULL VOIP is once you loose the internet, you loose the phones both incoming and outgoing.
  3.   Hybrid VOIP. Combining minimal fixed copper lines as backup (say 1 or 2 lines) and utilising multiple VOIP lines via a VOIP adaptor. This can be achieved even using your current PABX system or via newer PABX systems that handle both VOIP and physical lines. The great thing about this is that if your internet goes down you can still receive redirected calls to land lines and also dial a physical line to for outgoing calls.


Virtual PBX

With 2-40+ lines and unlimited handsets, our cloud-based Virtual PBX is the perfect solution if you are looking for a new phone system and are:
  • A new company that needs a competitively-priced phone system – Save installation time, capital and space
  • Thinking of replacing/expanding your old PBX system – Get a future-proof solution with the flexibility to adapt to your business needs 
  • Moving offices – leave your bulky PBX behind
  • A large company with multi-location offices – FREE calls between offices – even internationally!

Digital Lines (SIP Trunks)

Do you have an IP PBX (VoIP enabled PBX system)? Or are you thinking about replacing your old PBX and moving into the cloud with this new generation of phone systems?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, then Digital Lines (SIP Trunks) are the solution for you!

If you have a traditional PBX, you can still take advantage of all the benefits and savings of Digital Lines! You will simply need a Gateway to connect your PBX to IP, and bring it into the digital age.